October 2021 to May 2022


Fly tying videos are listed in date order with the most recent month at the top.  The fly or flies are named for that month, followed by the tier’s name.  A picture of the fly follows the name, when available.  

The video link is embedded in the Month, such as November 2021, which takes you to the YouTube video, showing how the fly or flies are tied.  A materials list is part of the YouTube video.


January 2022


December 2021

#1 GoldFish > Chris Muir 

#2 Booby > Brian Smith  


November 2021  

All November flies tied by Brian Smith.  Page numbers refer to his book, “ Essential Fly Patterns for Lakes and Streams”

#1 Salmon Fly - page 79

#2 Golden Stone - page 81  

#3 Extended Body May Fly - page 41-43


October 2021

#1 Vampire Leech > Erich Franz