Club & Member Events

Fly Tying Course - Erich Franz -
Erich teaches fly tying courses yearly.  Please e-mail Erich to book your spot in his novice, beginners, or advanced course.

IFFF Movies - Our Club continues to sponsor the popular IFFF movies yearly.  We first sponsored the movies in 2015. Please go to to view this year’s films and to purchase tickets.  The place and time is available at the IFFF site. Tickets are available at the door.

Danie Erasmus - Danie teaches a number of fly-fishing courses at UNBC. For example: Matching the Hatch I & II.  Please logon to Danie’s web site at:   to get more details and to learn how to register for courses.

Brian Smith - Brian's third fly fishing book published in 2019.  His first two books are also available. To purchase signed copies of these books, contact Brian at his E-mail address: :

Erich Franz -
Erich having experienced the meditative act of fly fishing and fly tying, has sought to honour his hobby with a series of drawings modeled after mandalas.  Erich’s artwork is available to the public and can be reviewed and purchased at his website .   


Upcoming Events